Frequently asked questions of international applicants

I want to study at Goethe University - where can I find information?

There are a number of Goethe University web sites for international applicants:

I have a bachelor’s degree in X from another university - can I still apply for the Master’s degree?

You can apply, but your previous degree should be similar to the Biophysics Bachelor’s degree. If your degree is in an unrelated field, it is likely that your application will be rejected. The examination committee will decide on each individual application whether admission will be possible, based on your previous academic record, i. e. on the courses you have taken and the academic degree you have reached so far.

It is therefore difficult to give a generally valid answer to the question „Will I be accepted?“ without this information.

In case you are admitted, the examination committee will determine whether you will have to take some additional courses on top of your Master’s program, to provide knowledge that would normally be aquired during the Bachelor’s degree in Biophysics. E. g., a biochemist might be required to take one or two additional courses on theoretical physics.

What are the language requirements for the Master’s degree?

Not all parts of the academic program are taught in English. Therefore, you need to provide a certificate of proficiency in the German language (level DSH-2). Please see this website for the details:

German Language Requirements

There are a number of opportunities to learn German, please see this information from the International Student Services. However, please be aware that in general you still need a DSH-2 certificate prior to admission into the Master’s program.

You will also need to provide a certificate on your proficiency in English at level B2. This can be done e. g. by one of the following:

  • a TOEFL-Test (Internet based score 72 or higher)

  • a similar language test on the B2 level

  • a proof of at least 5 years English lessons at school

I think I fulfil the requirements - how do I apply?

You can apply via the uni-assist portal, the Link and additional information is available here.

Application details for the Master program Biophysik (in German)